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Hospitality Design

It’s an honour to design The first Dentsspa ever which has a unique concept of soothing treatment. The fear of the dentist and the drill has risen the need for the introduction of a modified form of dentistry, popularly known as SPA Dentistry The peaceful ambience inspires ( to not only treat the patient’s but make their dental visit an experience of a life time.) The cool and refreshing theme of interior Distracts the mind away from the pain and grabs attention to the calming and relaxing interior feel. Use of soothing colours on the wall, dim lights and soft music played in the background affects the patient’s mood in a positive way. Welcoming with the Buddha facing the main entrance door gives a pleasant and soothing feel. Planters add a close to nature and relaxing feel. The reception area facing the wall with planters. Proper lights on the ceiling which gives a warmth and a welcoming ambience.